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90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo

The UK is the home to 90 Ball Bingo and Bingo on the Box has all your 90 Ball Bingo needs covered! It is exciting and very easy to pick up. Each has three fantastic prizes up for grabs- one line, two lines and the full house. This means players have more chances of bagging 3 separate prizes, it is even possible to bag all three prizes, now wouldn't that be nice!?

Playing the game (90 Ball Bingo)

Playing 90 ball bingo at couldn't be easier, Click on the 'BUY' button to purchase tickets. You have the choice to buy tickets for the next game or you can advance buy for up to 24 hours in advance. Every ticket is made up of nine columns and three rows. Every row consists of nine numbered squares and four spare squares per row.

You can buy individual tickets or strips (a strip consists of 6 tickets) and games start from as little as 5 pence going up to 50 pence a game. Imagine the Jackpots on those!?

We also have a wide choice of mini games to keep you entertained between games. You can join Lara Croft in her latest adventure or Rock the boat with Elvis!

How do I win?

There are three ways to win, either by marking off 1 horizontal line (five numbers), 2 horizontal lines (10 numbers) or the daddy, the Full House (by matching all the numbers on your card).

The prize pot varies each game depending on the amount of depositing players playing in that current session. The prize increases depending on the amount of numbers marked off, the amount won will be more for a Full House than for one line. If two people Bingo on the same number, then the prize-pool is split between those two players.

At what time of day can I play?

ALL DAY LONG! 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of course.

Bingo chat for bonuses

We obviously love Bingo but we don't take ourselves too seriously and love a good natter whilst playing. Bingo is a social game and we encourage getting together with your favourite chat host, new and old friends to catch up on the latest gossip. Our great chat hosts will give you a warm welcome and keep you entertained with crazy chat games, which are both great fun and can give you the chance to bag some extra bonuses!