Loyalty Club


Become a member of the Bingo on the Box Loyalty Club and we'll reward you just for playing. Whether you play our Bingo or Casino games, you'll earn Loyalty Points which can be exchanged for a Casino Bonus. Boost your casino gaming and enjoy even more chances to win!

Earning Loyalty Points

Our system is based on the British pound (£). A qualifying wager of £10* will earn you 1 Loyalty Point. Loyalty Points can be redeemed for a Casino Bonus at any time in units of 1,000.

1,000 Loyalty Points = a £10 Casino Bonus which will be credited to your Casino Bonus account.

IMPORTANT: you have 90 days from when you last played at Bingo on the Box to redeem your Loyalty Points for a Casino Bonus. After this period your Loyalty Points will expire.

PLEASE NOTE: Casino Bonus wagering will earn you Loyalty Points in the same way as cash, but Bingo Bonus (BBz) wagering will not.

*Qualifying wagers

Wagering at different Bingo on the Box games will contribute differently to your Loyalty Points balance. A £10 wager on any of our Slot or Bingo games will make a 100% contribution (£10), whereas a £10 wager on Classic Blackjack will result in a £2 (2% of £10) contribution to your Loyalty Points balance. See breakdown for all games below:

How do you earn your Loyalty points?

Accumulate Bingo on the Box Loyalty Points EVERY time you play. You can then exchange these points for a Casino Bonus (1000 points = £10) and lots more special offers. To redeem your Loyalty Points login and follow the quick and easy steps. Play more and we'll give you chances to win more - it's that simple!

Climb the Loyalty Ladder...

Check out the table below for all the ways you can earn:

Games Contribution to Loyalty Points balance
All Slots, Bingo, American Roulette and Parlour Games 100%
All Table Pokers, Red Dog, Roulettes (except American Roulette), Casino War and Sic Bo 50%
All Video/Power Pokers (except All Aces Video/Power Pokers), Blackjacks (except Classic Blackjack), Craps and Baccarats 10%
Classic Blackjack and All Aces Video/Power Pokers 2%

The four tiers

The Bingo on the Box Loyalty Club consists of four tiers: Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher your tier the bigger percentage of extra Loyalty Points you'll receive each month. If you earn the 10,000 Loyalty Points needed to become a Platinum tier player, you'll be awarded a massive 40% extra. That's another 4,000 Loyalty Points each month to exchange for a Casino Bonus!

For a bigger percentage of extra loyalty Points, play more often and earn enough Loyalty Points to meet the next tier threshold. For example, it takes 2,500 Loyalty Points to progress from the Blue tier to Silver. Each month you must also maintain a certain number of Loyalty Points to remain on your tier.

The extra Loyalty Points you are awarded by Bingo on the Box do not contribute towards your tier maintenance, i.e. they do not help you stay on or move up tiers. See details below:

  • Privé entry points - 500,000
  • You earn 60% extra loyalty points
  • 25,000 tier points
  • Diamond entry points - 200,000
  • You earn 50% extra loyalty points
  • 10,000 tier points
  • Redeem loyalty points for bonus casino credits
  • You earn 40% extra loyalty points
  • You only need to earn 8,000 tier points to stay on Platinum
  • Redeem loyalty points for bonus casino credits
  • You earn 20% extra loyalty points
  • You only need to earn 4,500 tier points to stay on Gold
  • Redeem loyalty points for bonus casino credits
  • You earn 10% extra loyalty points
  • You only need to earn 2,500 tier points to stay on Silver
  • Redeem loyalty points for bonus casino credits
Points 0 pts 2,500 pts 4,500 pts 8,000 pts 10,000 pts 25,000+ pts

Redeeming Loyalty Points for a Casino Bonus

  1. Log in to your Account.
  2. Click the Loyalty icon in the Bingo on the Box Lobby or click the Loyalty button from any Bingo room.
  3. Click the Redeem Points tab and choose how many of your Loyalty Points to redeem for a Casino Bonus.

Would you like an extra Casino Bonus?

Bingo on the Box will give you with an extra Casino Bonus if you save your Loyalty Points and exchange them in bulk, for even more chances to play and win:

Loyalty Points Redeemed Casino Bonus Extra Bonus Total Bonus
1,000 Loyalty Points £10 No Extra Bonus £10
5,000 Loyalty Points £50 £5 Extra Bonus £55
10,000 Loyalty Points £100 £20 Extra Bonus £120

New to Bingo on the Box?

If you're yet to register an account with us you can claim 500 Loyalty Points absolutely free! Register now and we'll credit your Loyalty Points balance to kick-start your balance.